Sponsors & Friends

The Washington Brant Foundation is supported by our Sponsors and Brant Boosters, whose contributions help us in protecting, preserving, researching and educating the preservation of the brant and other marine species in the Pacific Flyway.

Major Sponsors

Sponsors ($100)

Mike Letter Keith Launtson
Sue Hanneman Bo Mason
Steve Thies Doug Muldowney
Adam Stevens Bill Pinches
Holly Hatty Rick Banko
Victor Garcia Crystal Parker
Jane Summer Don Kleine
Austin Kleine Mark Taverniti
Worth Mathewson Dan Durst
Tim Martindale Scott Kelly
Dave Tjersland Mark Andriesen
Patsy Welson


Patrons ($500 OR MORE)

Jim Cowgill  


Benefactors ($1000)

Bert Athearn Ben Welton
Eric Bickel Kyles Young


The Washington Brant Foundation is grateful to its Members, Sponsors, Patrons, and Benefactors for enabling the fulfillment of our mission.